Get Involved at Hope Ankeny!

If you are looking for ways to get involved at Hope Ankeny, you have come to the right place!From classes to small groups, we offer many different ways for you to get involved. We also offer many different volunteer opportunities throughout the week and weekends to help serve and get connected.

Find a Class

Classes at Hope Ankeny

Classes are offered throughout the year, in person and online. We offer a wide variety of classes; book studies, marriage classes, baptism, etc., to appeal to many.

MC Get Involved Class

Join a Group

Our groups meet on a regular basis to help each other grow and to connect. See the many different groups we offer.

MC Get Involved Group

Small Groups

The goal of small groups is to help one another grow in our faith journey and live life together.

MC Get Involved Men

Men’s Ministry

Our men’s ministry continues to grow to support the men of Hope Ankeny as they seek out God’s will in their lives and in the community.

MC Get Involved Women

Women’s Ministry

We strive to empower, encourage and support the women of Hope Ankeny to grow where God has them and reach women beyond our walls.

Serve at Hope Ankeny

Serving others is one of the greatest blessings God offers us. Whether you are looking to serve at Hope, or outside in our community or even around the world, we have a variety of ways for you to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Volunteer at Hope Ankeny

Help volunteer in one of our many ministries here at Hope Ankeny.


Help serve with one of our local mission partners.