Quality Childcare Is Offered at Every Service in Our Nursery!

Quality childcare is available at Hope Ankeny during all weekend services, as well as many other activities throughout the week, for children ages 3 and under. Childcare is generally available 15–20 minutes before/after services and classes. You can register on-site at the nursery or the information desk. Visitors are welcome and you do not need to be a Hope member to utilize the nursery.

The nursery is for infants–kids younger than 3 years old (by Sept. 15). We provide snacks and age-appropriate toys for free play.

Pre-HopeKids is for ages 2½–3 years old who are potty trained/training. Within the nursery environment, a lesson and activity are provided for this age group at some services.

To find out if childcare is provided during a specific class or time, please check the class information upon registration.

For any additional information or questions, please email [email protected].

INT Nursery

What to Know

Checking In
If you are a guest, you can go directly to the nursery or stop at the registration area to have your child added to the computer. Either way, once you are in the nursery, you will be given sticky labels for your child and their bag/coat and another for you with a security code. This sticker will be needed when you come back to check out your child. At this time, please let the adults know if your child has an allergy or anything else that will impact the next 75 minutes while your child is in our care.

If your child has had a fever or has vomited within the last 24 hours, we ask that you refrain from leaving your young one in our care. If your child has been diagnosed with anything contagious, including strep throat or pink eye, and has been on antibiotics for less than 24 hours, please avoid exposing the other children/adults in the nursery.

During weekend services, we often provide a small snack. This is generally cheerios but may be other age-appropriate items. If your child has any food allergies, please inform the adults at drop-off.

If you have a diaper bag with you, you may leave it in the nursery with the sticky label provided. We will try to use your diapers/wipes in the event your child needs a diaper change. If your child is potty training, we ask that you bring them in a pull up, as often they are too distracted or don’t know the adults well enough to ask for a trip to the potty. We will make every effort to accommodate children without pull-ups, but please bring a change of clothes in the event of an accident. If you forget to bring a diaper bag, we do have some items on-sight for children who need changed.

We happily accept snack donations that are peanut-free. We also accept donations of diapers and wipes. Please inquire in the nursery regarding sizes needed. We also accept a few items of clothing to send children home in when they have accidents.

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