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About Hope Ankeny Preschool

The Hope Ankeny Preschool curriculum fosters independent thinking, the ability to tackle challenges, and self-confidence. Throughout the day, children engage in active, dynamic learning by interacting with real-world objects and alongside compassionate teachers.

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Class Activities

At Hope, we believe that play is a child’s most important job. Because of that, we provide ample resources designed to kindle the curiosities and talents of children. Each day, our curriculum includes an organized learning time and plenty of spontaneous play. We also always include opportunities for writing, imaginative play, building blocks, table toys, exploration, uncovering new things through books and auditory experiences, as well as a designated Creation Station. We offer plenty of materials that are carefully selected to inspire exploration and nurture children’s inventive thinking.

Parent Involvement

At Hope Ankeny Preschool, we understand and value that parents hold a significant role with their child and education. Parents are always welcome to join us during the initial hour of the day, to join us in playing or to be an “additional pair of hands” where they are needed. We also extend an invitation to parents to in a variety of other ways including being a special guest reader to our class, contribute items to classroom parties, or even be a helper at our class celebrations. Our calendar features an open house in the fall and a Christmas program in December that involves the entire family, along with an honorary graduation ceremony in May, dedicated to our Pre-k and Transitional Kindergarten students.


Each teacher sends a newsletter on a monthly basis, outlining the targeted points of focus for the upcoming month. Additionally, they send out weekly “conversation starters” meant to initiate discussions about your child’s activities. These prompts offer insights into the songs, stories, and lessons that that have unfolded during their exciting week of fun at Preschool.

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